Howdy. This is my site to share random things I learn regarding IT and tech. I hope you find it helpful. If you do, maybe buy me a cup of coffee? I don’t claim to be an expert and I might and probably get things wrong.

An Update

This is a bit of an update. Not that I have much to update on, but hey why not. I’ve not written much, and I’m not completely sure what to write about. Technologically I feel I’ve been all over the place with trying to learn a bunch of things like Ansible, Linux Managmenet, Kubernetes, Docker, Syslogging, and such. I’ve also upgraded my old Mac to a Framework laptop running Fedora and its been pretty amazing so far....

March 22, 2022 · 1 min · Chris

Docker and CoreDNS deployed for resiliency.

I’ve been wanting to migrate DNS servers I have in a DMZ from Windows Core to another DNS service for some time. With the Windows Core servers, zones were being transfered to the core servers to serve records to DMZ servers. I didn’t like this approach because it was transferring the whole zone and could allow a malicious actor to enumerate the whole domain. Our DNS doesn’t change that often, so the ‘manually’ updating of a file didn’t seem to big of a deal, but it is another set of records that must be kept, but in that it does provide flexibility without the dependence of Active Directory....

May 20, 2021 · 9 min · Chris

Tech Privacy Stack: the first layer

When we consider the tech stack we work with each day, this involves a number of devices such as a laptop or desktop, a mobile phone, tablets and perhaps tools like Amazon Echo or Apple’s HomePod. Of course there is a plethora of other tools such as watches, fitness trackers, streaming boxes (Roku and Apple TV), or smart devices like doorbells, fridges , and even toothbrushes. A lot of ground could be covered addressing these areas, but I’m not going to do that....

May 18, 2021 · 4 min · Chris

Tech Privacy Stack: an intro

Hi all, I’ve recently been thinking about what I consider to be called the ‘Tech Privacy Stack’. There is a lot of talk about privacy and security all over the Internet with pieces point to certain aspects on how to protect privacy. I think there is a holistic approach to privacy that encompasses all areas of our technological lives and we often take a complete approach to this. There are of course farther stretching privacy aspects that I won’t consider here in these posts, as I intend to only focus on technology type concerns....

May 7, 2021 · 2 min · Chris

Why I Left Facebook

Today I deleted Facebook. Its taken sometime to come to this conclusion. But I think I will like this decision. It wasn’t a hard one. But I wouldn’t say I didn’t have some hesitations. There is a fear of missing out or ‘connecting with others’. But in reality, I think its a false fear and misnomer that sells these services as ‘good’ and wholesome Surprisingly I don’t think many were suprised by this announcement and yet some asked why, so I thought I’d share some of those reasons....

August 1, 2020 · 4 min · Chris